Sponsor a Ride / Attraction

Perks of becoming a Sponsor

1) Show off a glimmering sponsor tag by your name in chat and tab for everyone on the network to see! This comes in five different colors, depending on the sponsorship level of the attraction you sponsored.

2) Get exclusive BTS looks and information from your sponsored attraction. Staff will keep your regularly updated on the progress of the ride whilst i’s being constructed / refurbished.

3) Be able to put exclusive input into your attraction. Sponsors will have access to a private channel on Discord where you can make suggestions / ask questions regarding your attraction.

4) Your name will be displayed outside your chosen attractions as well as an armor stand with your head on it!

Level 1 – Red – $15

Level 2 – Orange – $20

Level 3 – Yellow – $25

Level 4 – Green – $30

Level 5 – Blue – $40